Bleona Qerreti e mbulon trupin vetëm me një trëndafil në klipin e saj të ri(Video) Showbiz

Këngëtarja shqiptare vjen me një “remake” të këngës së famshme italiane “Su di noi”, e cila shumë vite më parë është kënduar nga Pupo.

Bleona Qereti ka publikuar në Youtube këngën e saj të re, ku shfaqet shumë pak e veshur, madje në disa pjesë mbulon pjesët intime vetëm me trëndafil.Videoja është xhiruar në plazhin e mrekullueshëm, El Matador Beach, në Malibu./TCh/

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This is one of my most favorite records, some of the music that I grew up with, and one of the many Italian songs that helped shaping me as an artist when I was a kid. For whoever knows me personally, they also know that I learned Italian just to understand what the meaning of my favorite italian songs was….To this day I sing this song in almost all my concerts, It is called “Su Di Noi” from the one and only Pupo. The video of it, was originally NOT meant to be released, but with what happened in Malibu, this video has now a very special place in my heart. It was shot in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – El Matador Beach in #Malibu #California and I wanted to share as a gift for all of you to spread love and light. So here I am … next to you…the sky is blue in Malibu…. Full video on my YouTube channel A huge thank you to @jeffreykellydp – without you this would be not possible ❤️ @kaneepa @singmastering @marjanmalakpour @kipzachary @clydehairgod @justinjacksonhair @bryansmaller @company_3 @sunset_edit @nazelikodj @adamlimapix #Samileka #ilovemalibu #sudinoi #bleona #nightshot

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