National Geographic: Disa nga fotot më të mira të muajit mars

National Geographic: Disa nga fotot më të mira të muajit mars

The picture shows a daily routine of fishermen. After a long trip at sea, they have to check and mend the damaged nets. At first sight, the nets seemed to be quite easy to repair but it sometimes takes half day to finish their work. Therefore, the fishermen have experience to mend the nests as fast as possible for the next trip at sea.

LAYERED TIF FROM SIMON ROBERTS. People congregating on the banks of the Schwabinger Bach stream in the Schonfeldwiese area of the park. The Schonfeldwiese, the ÒBeautiful MeadowÓ, is considered a cultural gem for nudists. Germany has allowed nude beaches since 1920, and in Munich the Englischer Garten has been a place for people hanging out naked since the 1960s. The Englischer Garten, German for "English Garden", is a large public park in the centre of Munich, Bavaria, stretching from the city centre to the north-eastern city limits. Stretching north from Prinzregentenstrasse for about 5km, it was commissioned by Elector Karl Theodor in 1789 and designed by Benjamin Thompson, an American-born scientist working as an advisor to the Bavarian government. With an area of 3.7 km2 (1.4 sq mi) (370 ha or 910 acres), the Englischer Garten is one of the world's largest urban public parks, larger than New York's Central Park. The name refers to its English garden form of informal landscape, a style popular in Britain from the mid-18th century to the early 19th century and particularly associated with Capability Brown. The Englischer Garten is home to the largest urban surfing spot in the world and a mecca for fans of the sport. Surfers ride the artificial waves on the Eisbach River all year round, which are created by torrents of freezing water being pumped over a stone step. The water flows at about 20 tons per second. Fixer: Hubert von Hayek, Tel: +49 175 4122795 / Email:

Romance is in the air.  I heared a voice. "Wherever you go, I will follow you" the voice says.

A fisherman carrying out his daily routine on river Umngot river Shnongpdeng village in Meghalaya near India Bangladesh border. The river is known for its clear water and high level of water in the monsoon time.

Cranes at Hula Valley nature reserve, Israel

Millions of visitors from all over the world walk to the Pei Pyramide in the Louvre courtyard every year. Tourism is the nowadays mass migration.

Two old time friends enjoying life by the beach in February. Beirut.

I've used these icicles on the frame juts trying to get something different from this famous spot, the mount Kirkjufell. Hope you like it. Regards!

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